Heatmap Visualisation

One of the analyses done by the Danube-INCO.NET project is a bibliometric study that was conducted by the ZSI. The objective of the study was primarily to capture and analyse co-publications and co-patents among countries in the Danube Region to provide a solid base for the identification of intra-regional thematic strengths and collaboration patterns.

The full report can be found here.

The visualisation below represents an interactive map that shows the co-publication output among the Danube Region Countries (2003-2013). The intensity of the colour used in the heatmap (the coloured area between the two geographic maps) indicates the amount of co-publications: the darker the colour the higher the number of co-publications.

User controls:
The visualisation can be navigated with your computer mouse. Moving the mouse cursor over elements may show interesting context information. E.g. pointing at a square in the heatmap shows the current amount of co-publications fore a country pair in the given year, the previous year, as well as the difference between the two.

Select a country by left-clicking it on the map. Left-click on other countries adds them to the selection. Left-click a country again to de-select it.

To remove the entire selection, double-click the sea or click the "clear" button.

The geographic maps as well as the heatmap can be zoomed by using the mousewheel. The maps can be dragged by holding down the left mouse button. The "clear" button will reset the view.

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